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Hi Travellers,

Though this is a technical blog, I thought of helping people, who are travelling from India to Singapore under VBM (Vande Bharat Mission). My wife was one of the traveller.

Here is the list of frequently asked questions.

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Checklist to carry FAQs

Congratulations on getting approval from MOM after multiple rejections and a flight ticket of course. Here is the checklist to carry before you start your journey.

Documents Checklist
Document Remarks
1. Passport Should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of travelling
2. Valid EP/DP/IPA Required at India/Singapore Airport
3. Printout of Flight Ticket Booking Required at India Airport
4. Printout of MOM Entry Approval email Required at Singapore Airport
5. Printout of SHN Facility Sharing Approval email Required at Singapore Airport
6. Printout of SG Arrival Card - Health Declaration Required at Singapore Airport
7. Printout of Covid-19 PCR Test report Required at Singapore Airport
8. Printout of Health Declaration Form Required at India Airport, Download using this link,
Printout is optional - same form will be provided at the airport to fill
9. Printout of Indemnity Quarantine Cost Form Required at India Airport, Download using this link,
Printout is optional - same form will be provided at the airport to fill
10. Web Check-in and Boarding Pass Required at India Airport
11. Valid Singapore Phone number Which you have given at the time of Entry approval application

Note: Taking printout of approvals and forms is not mandatory and soft copy also works. I recommend taking printout for a safer side.

Apps to Download & Install
Apps Remarks
1. Arogya Setu Required at India Airport
2. TraceTogether Required at Singapore Airport
3. Homer Required in Singapore after you move to the SHN Facility i.e. Hotel

Other Items Checklist
Items Remarks
1. Thermometer You’ll need this in the hotel to measure your temperature everyday
2. Mask & Hand Sanitizer For your safety
3. Pen & few A4 Size Papers You’ll need this at both the airports

MOM Entry Approval Application FAQs

  1. You cannot apply for yourself and your dependents. You need to request your employer (HR) to do so.
  2. MOM generally takes one day to reply. They inform the result to your employer via email.
  3. There are chances that your application would be rejected multiple times. Don’t lose hope. Keep trying. Keep requesting your employer (HR) to apply.
  4. Travel date needs to be mentioned in the application. Approval is valid for +-1 days i.e. If you have applied for the 22-Apr-2021 date then you can enter Singapore in between 21-Apr-2021 to 23-Apr-2021.
  5. You need to bear the total cost of $2200 for a 14-day stay at a dedicated SHN Hotel facility ($2000) and Covid-19 test ($200)
  6. If you are staying in the hotel room with your kid then you need to pay additional $600 per kid. For e.g. total cost of one adult with one kid in the hotel room is $2800.
  7. If you don’t have a valid singapore number then you can input your employer or relative mobile number in the application. After coming to singapore, you can buy new sim and update the phone number with MOM using this link:
    Alternatively you can input your indian mobile number for which whatsapp will be working in singapore. MOM will call you on whatsapp.
  8. If you have cancelled your plan to come to Singapore after getting MOM Entry Approval then you need to ask your Employer to cancel the approval at least 7 days before your approved entry date. If you don’t do so, you still need to pay the full cost of Hotel Stay and Covid-19 test.
    PEP and Work Holiday pass holders can cancel the approval using this link:!/5f39e47b344d060011507418

Flight Ticket Booking FAQs

  1. You can regularly check Air India Website Page for Evacuation Flights:-
  2. Check these links from Ministry of external affairs, India for full list of flights:-
    These links are keep updating with latest flight details so it is advised to keep checking these links.
  3. Try to get the ticket in Air India or Air India Express. We have seen that some time other carriers cancel their flights at the last moment.
  4. Check the upcoming flights available and apply for entry approval for that particular date
  5. It is recommended that you book the flight ticket after getting entry approval. Though it is completely your choice.
  6. Send a copy of the flight ticket to your employer (HR) via mail once booked.
  7. If you cancel the flight ticket then you should get the refund back after deducting cancellation charges (Around INR 6000) within 2-4 months. You can call the customer care for cancellation and additionally can write an email to and stating the reason for cancellation.

Special SHN Request FAQs

  1. You can apply for sharing SHN facility request or any other special request using this link:!/5e79ee694c5bc7001181ce00
  2. If you require a Separate SHN Facility such as Homestay because of medical or another critical condition then your employer (HR) needs to apply for this request. Your HR will write a mail to for this. Though there are very rare chances of getting approval until unless any extraordinary case.

SG Arrival Card - Health Declaration FAQs

  1. It is mandatory to fill in Health Declaration form and carry printout:-
  2. You can fill the form within 3 days before arrival to Singapore.
  3. This is the address you should fill in the form:
    Others ➔ SHN Dedicated Facility

Covid-19 PCR Test FAQs

  1. You must take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in India within 72 hours before departure.
  2. The test should be taken from laboratories which are internationally accredited or approved by the Indian Government (ICMR). Please follow the link to check ICMR approved labs:-
  3. The report must contain the following details: Full Name, Passport Number, Date of Birth, Age, Sex, Nationality, Time and Date of the swab collection, Method of testing (only PCR is accepted). Your report will be checked several times at the airport for these information. If some of the information is/are missing, you will be denied boarding. The airport authorities would ask you to call the testing center and ask for a complete report.
  4. Singapore citizens or permanent residents do not require this test.

Inter-State Travel FAQs

  1. You can apply for state-wise e-pass for inter-state movement permission in case you are reaching at the airport from another state using this link:

Baggage Allowance FAQs

International Flight
  1. Baggage for an international flight is 30KG Check-in and 7KG Hand Luggage.
  2. 10KG Check-in baggage is allowed on the Infant ticket.
  3. Maximum 2 nos of baggage can be Checked-in and 1 in Hand Luggage.
  4. Excess Baggage is allowed and cost INR 1500 Per KG.
Domestic Flight
  1. Baggage for domestic flight is 20KG Check-in and 7KG Hand Luggage.
  2. Baby stroller is allowed as long as it is foldable (No Charge)

India Airport FAQs

  1. You should reach at least 4 hours before the departure.
  2. At the terminal gate, you have to fill Two Heath Declaration Form and One Indemnity Quarantine Cost Form. You passport, flight ticket will be checked and your temperature will be recorded on your Health Declaration Form.
  3. Enter the terminal and proceed to the counter where you have to submit the Two Heath Declaration Form and One Indemnity Quarantine Cost Form. They will do stamping and give you one copy of the health form.
  4. Proceed to another counter where your all the documents including Singapore approval will be verified.
  5. Standard procedure hereafter - Boarding Pass, Security Check, Immigration.
  6. Before the boarding starts, Face shield will be given for window or aisle seat passengers and PPE suit will be given to middle seat passenger. If flight is not full then middle seat will remain empty. You should wear it before the boarding starts.
  7. Standard boarding procedure hereafter.
Web Check-in
  1. Web Check-in is Mandatory for Air India Flight. Apply within 48 hours before the travel date using this link:
  2. Sometimes Web Check-in fails or shows error. Call customer care for assistance.
  3. Sometimes Web Check-in is successful but boarding pass is not generated. Don’t worry, you can collect the boarding passes at the airport.

In-flight FAQs

  1. Food packets including meal, snacks, water bottle, tissue papers will be kept at your seat.
  2. Extra water bottles were kept at the tail section near to the washroom (toilet).
  3. No or very less interaction with the crew
  4. Carry bag will also be kept at your seat. You should dispose the waste in the carry bag and take it with you at the time of alighting.

Singapore Airport FAQs

  1. Process: At the immigration hall first they will do the introduction where SHN rules will be explained. Go to the officer and show your document where they will check your boarding pass, mom pre-entry approval letter, and health declaration form. Different counters are setup and you will be asked to stand in a queue. You have to provide your mobile number and they will send you a message to check your number is working or not. At the counter, they will verify your document and record it in there register and provide you a Hotel sticker which you have to stick on your cloth. Proceed for immigration. After that go to the baggage belt, your bags were already kept there. Collect your bags and proceed to the hotel counter. Register your name and wait until they form a group. An ambassador officer will be assigned to a group and he/she will take you outside the airport towards the bus. They will load your luggage in the bus. You will not get to know which hotel you are going to until you reach the hotel lobby.
  2. You can apply for the porter service at the Singapore Airport in advance if you need any baggage related assistance. Charges are around $3-$10. Make a reservation at least 8 hours before arrival using this link:

Singapore Hotel FAQs

  1. Singapore Gov has booked several hotels across singapore to quarantine people coming from India and other counties.
  2. You cannot choose the hotel. Hotel will be allocated by Singapore Gov after your arrival at the airport.
  3. If you require any assistance during your hotel stay then apply using this link:!/5f9a5d6b9ad89a0011c84802
  1. Check-in is smooth and rooms will be already allocated once you arrived at the hotel.
  2. WiFi, Mini Fridge, Hot water kettle will be provided. Tea, Coffee, Water bottles, Shower gels, extra bedsheets will be stocked in your room to use for next 14 days.
  3. From 2nd day onwards, You will receive couple of calls from MOM on daily basis.
  4. On the 2nd or 3rd day, you will receive a message from MOM to download Homer app. You have to daily submit selfie and temperature 3 times in a day through Homer app.
  5. On the 5th day, your serology test will be done. Depending upon the result, you need/need not take the swab test on the 11th day.
  6. On the 11th day, your swab test will be done. You will be informed on 10th day via SMS about the location, date and time. The test is done via both nostrils and it is painless. You will get the results via sms within 48hrs.
  1. You will be provided Veg and Non-veg options from pre set menu. Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch meal box will be kept at your door for you to pick up. Please note that Indian food option is not available in most of the hotels.
  2. Adults cannot opt out from food options available at the hotel. Though you can opt out food for kids less then 3 years old. You need to write a mail to MOM (, requesting to opt out for your kid. You will be refunded $600 on opting out for kids.
  3. You can order food from outside if you don’t like the food provided at the hotel.
  1. No housekeeping. You need to do room and washroom cleaning by yourself in your 14 days stay, if you want to.
  2. You can carry the cleaning equipments, or order them online.
Meet & Greet
  1. You cannot meet anyone including your family members during your stay at the hotel. Though someone can deliver items at the hotel reception for you. Hotel staff will keep those items outside your room for you to pick up.
  2. You cannot handover items to anyone including your family members (depends on the hotel if they allow to handover some important items such as documents and medicines). In such case you need to leave items outside your room for hotel staff to pick up.
  3. In short, in any case, you cannot leave your room and no one can come inside your room.

Singapore Swab Test FAQs

  1. If you don’t get notification by 10th day about Swab test then fill this form and also call SHN Hotline number (+65 68125555) to avoid any extension in your SHN in the hotel.
  2. After your swab test is done. You should get swab test result via SMS within 48 hrs. Alternatively you can login to using your SingPass to check your test results.
  3. If you don’t receive Swab test results within 48 hrs (2 days) then fill this form and also call SHN Hotline number (+65 68125555) to avoid any extension in your SHN in the hotel.
  4. Children under 12 years old will not be Swab tested as this is a bit painful process. However they will be Swab tested only if anyone accompanying them tested Covid-19 Positive.
SHN Extension
  1. Your SHN might get extended even if you are tested Covid-19 negative If someone sitting near to you in the flight tested Covid-19 positive. Stay calm and follow the rules in such cases. Extension generally happens for 3 to 5 days.
Covid-19 Positive Case
  1. If you find positive in swab test result then you will be transferred to the hospital and have to serve 14 to 21 days quarantine depending upon your health improvements.
  2. Singapore Gov bear the full cost of your treatment, if the last time you left singapore before 27 March 2020.
  3. You have to bear the full cost of the treatment, if the last time you left singapore after 27 March 2020.
Department Email Hotline Number
MOM +65 64385122
SHN +65 68125555
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Please comment if you find something to be corrected, or added in this post. I’ll keep updating this post with more information.