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Hi Travellers,

Though this is a technical blog, I thought of helping people, who are willing to travel from Singapore to India under VBM (Vande Bharat Mission).

Here is the list of frequently asked questions…

*(Please comment if you find something to be corrected, or added in this post. I’ll keep updating this post with more information.)

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High Commission of India (HCI) FAQs

General Guidelines

  1. Indian Nationals cannot travel without HCI approval from Singapore to India. Moreover you cannot choose date of travel, its HCI to decide for you.
  2. You can apply for HCI approval using this link: You should receive an acknowledgement email with HCI registration number that you have successfully registered.
  3. You will then need to wait for approval email from HCI to confirm eligibility to purchase ticket, You will be notified by the HCI through email once your application is approved. The email also contains the following information:
    • Flight Details
    • Ticketing Office Address
    • Time slot for visiting the Ticketing Office.
  4. You cannot book online flight tickets from Singapore to India normally. You have to physically go and buy tickets in given time slot as instructed by HCI after getting approval. Tickets will only be issued if your name is in the list generated by HCI.
  5. For Air India Flights, you have to go to this address to buy tickets in your respective time slots (only after getting approval email):

    JetSpeed Travels Pte Ltd
    G.S.A Air India | R.A. Air India Express
    Address: 3 Coleman Street, #03-07/08, Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804
    (Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT Station)
    Tel: +65 62214909

  6. For some flights when the booking rate is low, HCI open the flight tickets for online purchase. If you have already filled HCI form then you should receive an SMS from HCI that online flight tickets are available. In that case you can buy online flight ticket without HCI approval. They might just check your HCI registration number at the SG airport which you receive as an acknowledgement mail once you fill the form.
  7. Covid tests are not required for those flying on Air India Express or Air India flights from Singapore to India.
  8. HCI takes Urgent and compassionate cases on priority for approval process. The number of people wanting to fly to destination also affects the time of approval. If you have urgent legitimate reasons to travel please contact HCI and provide documentary evidence to substantiate your case and they will facilitate accordingly
  9. This is just for your information that HCI consider this as one of the criteria for approval that means if there is any upcoming flight near to your place of residence in india, you will be given priority.
    Indian Nationals Resident OfAllowed to travel in flights to
    Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida,
    Meerut, Bulandshahr, Muzaffarnagar,
    Alwar, and Bharatpur
    New Delhi
    HaryanaNew Delhi
    Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and ChhattisgarhNew Delhi on case to case basis
    Gujarat and GoaMumbai on case to case basis
    Other States (for e.g. Uttar Pradesh)Same State (for e.g. Uttar Pradesh)
    Other States (for e.g. Uttar Pradesh)Other State (for e.g. Delhi) on case to case basis
For Chartered Flights
  1. Accommodation of passengers on chartered flights remains at the discretion of Charterer and Flight Operator.
  2. For a specific number of seats offered by the Charterer to the High Commission, the High Commission would reach out to limited number of passengers from among those registered and prioritised as per criteria promulgated by the Govt of India.
  3. Terms and Conditions for operating charter flights are governed by the guidance of State Govt at destination airports and may vary from those applicable to flights under Vande Bharat Mission. (Eg. Undergoing COVID-19 test before boarding, paid institutional quarantine in a specified hotel with prior booking confirmation, etc).
  4. For passengers drawn from those registered with High Commission of India, ticketing information for chartered flights and special terms and conditions for availing these flights would be intimated to shortlisted passengers via email from High Commission.
  5. Passengers receiving email intimation from High Commission would be required to seek further ticketing assistance and clarifications on specific terms and conditions directly from Charterer / Airline. Only passengers willing to accept special terms and conditions for chartered flights are advised to proceed with ticketing for chartered flights.
HCI Enquiries

For further enquiries / clarifications, if any, please write an email with reference of Name, Passport Number, Registration Number and Destination in India.

Call at ☎:
+65 6238 0207
+65 8350 9921
+65 9868 3975
+65 9867 4790

Flight Tickets FAQs

  1. You can regularly check Air India Website Page for Evacuation Flights:
  2. You can also check Ministry of External Affairs, India Website for Full list of flights. These links are updated on regular basis.

Baggage Allowance FAQs

Air India
  1. Baggage allowance 30KG Check-in and 8KG Hand Luggage.
  2. Excess Baggage is allowed and chargeable at $28 Per KG.
Air India Express
  1. Baggage allowance is 25KG Check-in and 7KG Hand Luggage.
  2. You can check-in another 10KG luggage at the cost of $40.

Singapore Airport FAQs

  1. You are required to sign an Undertaking-cum-Indemnity Form and Embarkation Form send along with email intimation from HCI and deposit the duly filled and signed forms with the HCI Officials at Airport before boarding the flight.
  2. You will be required to report at indicated terminal of Changi International Airport minimum 3 hours before scheduled departure.
  3. Pregnant passengers between 32 and 35 weeks of pregnancy period are required to be in possession of Fit to Fly Certificate from a competent medical professional. Airline policy does not permit passengers of pregnancy period of 36 weeks and above to fly with Air India.
  4. You are requested to use private vehicle / taxi service for reaching Changi Airport (not to use MRT / Bus)
  5. Only bonafide passengers holding valid ticket (no accompanying individuals) will be permitted within Airport premises. Passengers requiring escort at Airport, owing to age, medical condition, etc may be permitted to be accompanied by one adult family member at the discretion of Changi Airport Management.

In-flight FAQs

  1. Food packets including meal, snacks, water bottle, tissue papers will be kept at your seat.
  2. Face shield, mask hand sanitizer will also be kept at your seat.
  3. No or very less interaction with the crew

India Airport FAQs

  1. You need to download Arogya Setu app which is required at India Airport.
  2. Keep Patience. It is going to take quite some time to clear immigrations, customs and baggages.
  3. After clearing all this you have to serve 14 days quarantine. Quarantine type will be one of the following depending upon the flight arrival city and your place of residence.-
    • 14 days at the hotel or Gov dedicated facility (Institutional Quarantine), or
    • 14 days at home (Home Quarantine), or
    • Mix of both i.e. 7 days Institutional Quarantine and 7 days Home Quarantine
  4. Follow this PDF link for state-wise quarantine rules:
  1. You can join these telegram groups to get latest updates and post your queries
    • High Commission of India, Singapore
    • Singapore to India
      Mr. Gurmeet Singh (GSA AirIndia) is an active member of Singapore to India telegram group. His contribution to answer your queries, provide latest updates is commendable. Some of the points in this post are shared by him.
  2. You can join this facebook group to post your queries.
  3. Follow these twitter handles to get latest updates on flights and other announcements: